Dead satellite enters atmosphere over Pacific Ocean

A dead satellite - ESA’s ERS-2 satellite - re-entered Earth's atmosphere today. ESA said: The entry was uncontrolled or "natural".

Whales are the biggest living animals: Lifeform of the week

Whales are not just the biggest animals on the planet, they have smashed other records, too. And they way they communicate and eat ... Wow!

Cicadas by the TRILLIONS emerging this spring!

Trillions of cicadas will emerge in the Eastern U.S. this spring. The song of the cicadas may be loud, but the insects are basically harmless.

We heart the Earth and sky! PHOTOS

This Valentine’s Day, we find so much to love in the many heart shapes right here on Earth or all the way to the deepest reaches of the sky.

How snowflakes get their distinct and various shapes

Snowflakes form in a myriad of different shapes from hexagonal plates to exquisite symmetrically-branching crystals, depending on the temperature and humidity.

El Niño is weakening. What will happen next?

El Niño helped contribute to extreme weather and warm temperatures in 2023. Now that it is weakening, what changes may be in store for 2024?

Stronger hurricanes require new Category 6, researchers say

Hurricanes are becoming stronger due to climate change. And 2 researchers in the U.S. say we need a new Category 6 to classify mega-hurricanes.

Asteroid that exploded in German skies is rare aubrite

Scientists analyzing the meteorites left behind by the asteroid that hit Germany said that they are a rare type known as an aubrite.

Atmospheric river puts California at risk for floods

An atmospheric river is poised to hit California, bringing rain, wind and heavy snowfall. The National Weather Service warns people to make preparations.

Light pollution causes insects to lose track of the sky

Insects get confused by artificial lighting, thinking it's the sky, and exhaust themselves flying around the light source. What can you do to help?