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Paul Scott Anderson

Icy Eris and Makemake have warm hearts

NASA's Webb space telescope shows that icy dwarf planets Eris and Makemake have been warm and geologically active on the inside recently, and may still be.

Are Chariklo’s rings shaped by a tiny unseen moon?

A new study suggests a tiny as-yet unseen moon shapes Centaur Chariklo's rings. The process is similar to the shepherd moons in Saturn's rings.

Stronger hurricanes require new Category 6, researchers say

Hurricanes are becoming stronger due to climate change. And 2 researchers in the U.S. say we need a new Category 6 to classify mega-hurricanes.

Isolated dwarf galaxy puzzles astronomers

Astronomers using the Webb telescope discovered an isolated dwarf galaxy 98 million light-years away. Contrary to expectations, it is not forming new stars.

Wow! See 19 spiral galaxies in stunning new Webb images

NASA's Webb Space Telescope has taken stunning new images of 19 spiral galaxies. Besides being breathtaking to look at, they are rich in science data.

New stamps feature Webb images of the cosmos!

Two new stamps feature Webb images of our amazing universe. The U.S. Postal Service issued them on January 22, 2024, to celebrate Webb's incredible mission.

Astronomers find smallest exoplanet yet with water vapor

Astronomers have found the smallest exoplanet yet with water vapor. GJ 9827 d is a hot steamy world. But is it rocky like Earth or a mini-Neptune?

Oldest-known black hole is eating its galaxy

Astronomers have discovered the oldest-known black hole. It dates back more than 13 billion years, to when the universe was only 400 million years old.

Exoplanet with a tail: a hot Jupiter looks like a giant comet

Researchers at UCLA have found an exoplanet with a tail. The hot Jupiter WASP-69b has a huge comet-like tail of gas 350,000 miles (560,000 km) long.

Shapes of early galaxies: surfboards and pool noodles

NASA's Webb space telescope has revealed that many early galaxies in the universe resembled surfboards and pool noodles in shape.